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Summit Camps provides industry leading workforce camp accommodations in remote locations. We offer long-term and seasonal employment in culinary, hospitality, construction, maintenance and logistics roles, as well as management and administrative positions.

Work Culture

Summit is a community focused employer with a mission to foster an inclusive, safe and supportive community of employees who are empowered to excel and reach their full potential.
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We are proud to work in collaboration with Indigenous and local communities to realize long term and sustainable benefits such as employment opportunities and skill development. Year after year 50% of our workforce across the company is made up of Indigenous employees – our diversity is our strength!

Core Values:

  • Safety above all else
  • Driving value for our clients
  • Positive work teams built on respect for one another
  • Accountable, we do what we say we will do
  • Empowering one another to reach our full potential


All positions fill a valuable and meaningful role within the company. Summit has a robust and integrated training program that carefully maps out the competencies, knowledge and skills needed to be successful in every job role in camp, from entry level to management.

Nothing makes us happier than to see an employee develop their skills and knowledge and progress in the company. Our preference is always to promote from within and we have many examples of Summit leaders who started off in entry level roles and successfully developed their abilities over time.

Summit partners with local training agencies and colleges to provide industry expertise and practicum opportunities as well as offering programs for employees to build their apprenticeship hours and experience towards their Red Seal designation, in the fields of culinary arts or carpentry.


Culinary Positions

Our highly skilled culinary team consists of employees with years of industry experience, formal culinary education, international training, and / or Red Seal Certification. Our team prepares hearty, tasty meals drawing from a variety of menus with access to our extensive inventory of fresh produce, fine quality meats and supplies.

Positions include: Chef, 1st Cook, Baker, Breakfast Cook, 2nd Cook, Prep Cook, Kitchen General Helper

Hospitality Positions

Our hospitality team specializes in providing clean, friendly, and comfortable accommodations for our clients. Staff work the front-lines ensuring client rooms and common areas are clean, inviting, and ready for use. Our front desk and management team consistently interacts with our clients ensuring their every need or concern is addressed.

Positions include: Camp Manager, Front Desk Clerk, Housekeeping Supervisor, Housekeeper and Janitor

Construction, Maintenance and Logistics

Our construction team is responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing remote camp locations.Our professional on-site maintenance team ensures that camps are kept in top operating condition by completing daily inspections and site repairs. Our experienced teams manage camp installation projects and camp upgrades. They also remove camps at the end of a project and carefully remediate the site. Drivers ensure staff, products, equipment and infrastructure arrive safely and on time.

Positions include: Foreman, Carpenters, Carpenter Helpers, Drivers and Maintenance Technicians

Management and Administration

Our operations team supports our remote locations by performing essential back-end services such as human resources, payroll, talent sourcing, health & safety and marketing.

Positions include: Human Resources, Health and Safety, Accounting and Project Management

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