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Catering and Facilities Management

Let our people take good care of your people….

At Summit we understand that a well fed, rested and healthy camp community is the foundation of a safe and contented workforce. We deliver catering and facilities management to camps from 15 – 1,500 beds, including remote and logistically complex operations.

Camp catering BC and Alberta


We drive value for our clients and are accountable

No two clients’ needs are the same – we carefully tailor our menu plans and services to our clients’ budget and preferences, while maintaining the quality and taste your staff will appreciate!

Our Catering Approach Sets Us Apart:

  • Competent and responsive management – we are accountable and do what we say we will do
  • Care and oversight - head office representatives visit our teams in camp routinely to check in
  • Focus on quality:

    • Freshly made, delicious meals with high quality ingredients
    • Unwavering attention to cleanliness and food safety
    • Ongoing quality control is embedded in our systems approach
  • Consistent staffing - excellent, highly trained chefs with the right support staff
  • Client specific catering:

    • Carefully tailored, delicious and nutritious menu plans
    • Professionally accommodate residents’ special dietary needs
    • Weekly Theme Nights and VIP catering upon request
Remote camp catering and management services
Catering for remote camps BC and Alberta

Facilities Management

Our experienced Camp Managers, combine logistical and management skills, with the hands-on application needed to take care of our clients’ and employees’ needs and lead our camp community. They work closely with the Front Desk staff to ensure residents’ needs are well taken care of.

All positions at Summit are important in the delivery of our high-quality service and we are especially proud of our Housekeepers and Janitors, who diligently maintain a clean and orderly camp environment.

Our resourceful and skilled Camp Maintenance staff work behind the scenes to ensure equipment is taken care of and to provide a safe and comfortable environment for camp residents.

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