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Camp Supplies and Construction Services in British Columbia, Canada

Summit Camps: Camp Supplies and Construction Services in British Columbia

Welcome to Summit Camps, the leading provider of camp supplies and construction services tailored for remote areas in British Columbia, Canada. Our mission is to provide robust solutions that cater to complex logistics and challenging environments, ensuring high-quality and reliable camp setups for a diverse range of industry clients.

Our Services

At Summit Camps, we offer comprehensive services that include the provision of high-quality camp fleets, onsite light construction, and meticulous site planning and development. Our experienced team is adept at managing all aspects of camp supply, construction, and remediation to meet the unique requirements of each project.

Construction Excellence

We specialize in a variety of construction services such as setting and leveling block structures, installing engineered snow roof systems, and providing light industrial construction that adheres to local building codes. Our commitment to quality and adherence to safety standards makes us a preferred choice in the rugged terrains of British Columbia.

Customized Project Management

Our project management services are designed to deliver turnkey solutions that are on time and within budget. Utilizing the Project Management Institute's Body of Knowledge methodology, we ensure professionalism and consistency throughout our project phases, from initial planning to final execution.

Engineering and Permitting Expertise

We maintain long-term relationships with top engineering firms to offer expert design and permitting services. Our capabilities include designing potable and wastewater systems according to local regulations, ensuring that all our camp setups are efficient, sustainable, and compliant with health and safety standards.

Contact Us

For more information on our camp supply and construction services, or to discuss your project requirements, please contact us at info@summitcamps.ca or visit our office at 4092 Railway Avenue, Smithers, BC.